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Eight Popular Video Games That Should be Integrated into Primary Education

The following is a guest post from Emily Steves, a freelance writer and contributor associated with Cartoon Network.  She has selected eight Cartoon Network games which are a fun way to teach children important skills such as concentration, problem solving and time management.  We welcome guest posts, if you would like to contribute, please send your articles to and we will get back to you.

It is always recommended to seek new and innovative methods of education for children. This is especially the case when dealing with those in primary education. Sometimes keeping young children’s attention focused can be a lot more difficult than imagined. However, the utilisation of games and cartoons online can be highly beneficial. They provide a great teaching tool. Read on to discover eight popular games you should consider integrating into primary education.

Tom and Jerry Trap-o-Matic
In this game the child will play as Tom. They will have to use different devices in order to devise a trap that will entice Jerry and result in him ending up in the mouse trap. This game revolves around the utilisation of space, efficiency, problem solving and thinking ahead.

Feedback Jigsaw
This jigsaw game is based on Ben 10. Ben 10 is a favourite amongst many children at the moment and because the cartoon is still in production it is highly relevant. This is a great game to encourage children to play because it enhances their level of concentration and requires a lot of focus.

Tom and Jerry Colour-In
At number three there is another Tom and Jerry game, however this one is extremely different in comparison to the first game that was mentioned. This game requires children to colour in different pictures from the popular cartoon. This is a great way to bring out children’s artistic side whilst also focusing on concentration and precision as well.

Bravo Goalie
This is a Johnny Bravo game and it revolves around the popular sport of football. The child will need to try and score a goal past the goalkeeper who happens to be Johnny Bravo himself. This game is beneficial because it revolves around time management and precision.

Gwen Dress Up
As this is a dress up game it is much more likely to be suited to girls. Nevertheless, it is worth implementing because it brings out a child’s creative side. In addition to this, they develop artistic taste and can learn about colour complimenting and contrasting.

Evil Switch
This game is based on the show called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. In this game the child must swap tiles so that they can create matching sets of three or more. This game is highly beneficial because it deals with enhancing a child’s logical thinking. Moreover, time management is involved because of the countdown feature.

This is another game associated with Johnny Bravo. The concept of the game is simple but highly effective. The player will hear a series of sounds and they will have to play them back in the correct order. This involves using all senses and helps develop children’s memorisation skills.

Astro Quiz
In this game your child gets to play as any cartoon character and they have to answer a series of questions about different cartoons. This gets children used to the format of quizzes and examinations in order to make the transition a lot easier.

If you are looking for innovative ways to get primary children learning then you should definitely consider integrating one of these eight games into the education you teach – or you can even use all eight! They help children with key areas of development whilst also containing the key ingredient of fun. Playing games and experiencing cartoons online are great tools for teaching in the modern day.

Author Bio
Ms Emily is a freelance writer and contributor associated with Cartoon Network. She has experience in writing articles for kids and their activities. She has written various articles on kids games, cartoons online such us Batman, tom and jerry cartoon, ben ten ultimate alien games etc for different kids blogs.

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