Monday, 20 May 2013

Gamification In and Out of Education

Our recent blog posts about gamification and education (‘Gamification in Education’ and ‘Gamifying the Classroom: 10 Inspiring Articles’) seem to have gone down very well.  So I thought I’d compile a list of articles about gamification in general, from the classroom to the office and beyond.  Just click the titles to go to the full articles and click the infographic below for a full-scale version.

Image from SOCIALCAST. Click for full-scale infographic.

  1. A Teacher’s Guide to Using Badges in your Classroom - The simplification of gamification to badges is criticised.  However, they can be powerful and have a strong history as this article explains.  Good advice about how to implement gamification in the classroom.
  2. Gamification Boosts OTT’s eLearning Engagement by 65% - A success story of using gamification principles to great effect.
  3. Brand Gamification is Hot Trend in Social Marketing – An analysis of how and why Klout and Foursquare use gamification.
  4. Why Gamification is Important as a Young Professional - Includes aspects of gamification such as that Generation Y is used to gaming and that it makes work more fun and meaningful.
  5. Smart Gamification: Seven Core Concepts for Creating Compelling Experiences - Includes ideas such as designing for the target audience and building a system that is easy to learn but hard to master.  Includes a video.
  6. 8 Research Findings Supporting the Benefits of Gamification in Education - Including an increased attention span, augmenting language capabilities and increased cognitive and social growth.
  7. Let the Games Begin! – A podcast about gamification being used to drive member engagement in loyalty programmes.
  8. Why Gamification is Important as a Gamer - The author argues that everything should be gamified as it is fun, improves problem-solving, out of the box thinking and so on.
  9. The Three F’s of Successful Gamification - How Feedback, Friends and Fun drive gamification.  Also shares what Gabe Zichermann argues are common mistakes made by those applying gamification to their business such as a heavy focus on badges plus an indication of gamification trends.
  10. The Term Gamification: Why I Hate It AND Why I Love It - A discussion about the term gamification and some suggested alternatives, such as engagification and motivational design.

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