Monday, 3 June 2013

Gamification World Championships

This week I thought I’d bring your attention to the inaugural Gammify 2013 Gamification World Championships, which will be held on October 13th in San Fransisco.

Gamification has been big over the last few months on our blog and this event is definitely worthy of your attention.  The Championships are an innovative, professional competition that celebrates world standard gamification amongst students and professionals.  Three world-renowned judges will decide the winner: Mr. Mario Herger, Ms. Marigo Raftopoulos and Mr. Yu-Kai Chou and the champion will receive $25,000.

Skilled, innovative professionals and students from diverse backgrounds, across the globe will compete in two online rounds, starting on September 1st 2013.  The two rounds assess competitors’ understanding of gamification strategy, experience and mechanics under extreme time-pressures.  Questions will test skills and experience from serious games design techniques to enterprise gamification and will take the form of multiple-choice questions and case studies.

Example Round 1 questions could include: prizing, point scoring, developing rules of play, instant rewards, virtual currency, and creating paths to consumer mastery and autonomy.  Participants will also require familiarity with human behaviours such as creativity, self-expression, social recognition, logic, calculations, achievement and ownership.  Round 2 questions will be similar but more advanced.

The Live World Finals Event will take place in San Fransisco on October 13th 2013.  The top 16 finalists will be flown to the event to be judged by the world-leading judges mentioned above as well as the biggest sponsors in global Gamification and Games Design.  Finalists will be tested on Speed, Innovation, Risk, Gamification Best Practice and more.  There will also be an exhibition Group challenge to help a leading global non-for-profit institution.  The winner will receive $25,000, second place prize is $10,000, third place prize is $5,000 and there is also a ‘Most Innovative’ Award.

Visit for more information (and to register).

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