Thursday, 8 August 2013

20 Computer Free Games Based Learning and Gamification Resources

We talk a lot about games based learning and gamification based on or around computers and technology in some way.  But of course, games don’t have to be computer based and offline games and play can be extraordinarily powerful learning tools as well.  Here is a list of 20 computer free game resources to teach a variety of age groups a variety of things.  A lot of these are from parents, but will act as great inspiration to teachers.  Please post any ideas you have or any tried and tested games you have used with your children or students in the comments.

"Play is the highest form of research
- Albert Einstein

  1. Sight Word Connect Four 
  2. 11 Fun Spelling Ideas for Kids 
  3. Math Games with a Deck of Cards 
  4. Domino Counting Game 
  5. Gamification in the Kingdom of Cognosco 
  6. 5 Ways to Learn with Chalk 
  7. A Whole Host of Homemade Games 
  8. Sneaky Math with Scrabble 
  9. 5 Activities for Learning with Play 
  10. Early Literacy Games 
  11. Preschool Math: Learning with Dominoes 
  12. Lego Fractions 
  13. Development of Play: 24 Ways to Explore with your Baby 
  14. What is the Number? (article in French - essentially like the game ‘Guess Who’, but with numbers.  So the player asks questions like: “Is the number between _ and _” or, “Is the number greater than_” to teach maths concepts)
  15. Dramatic Play: Inspired by Piaget 
  16. Gamification With and Without the Tech 
  17. Blank Game Boards for Download 
  18. Fun and Easy Physical Education Games to Teach Teamwork 
  19. 6 Science for Kids Activities 
  20. Lights and Sounds Buzzers 
"Play is the answer to how anything new comes about"
- Jean Piaget

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