Tuesday, 4 February 2014

5 Questions to Ask When Considering Games Based Learning

Games can be a powerful tool to teach a myriad of things, from curriculum matter to soft, 21st century skills such as problem-solving and collaboration. However, they are not always appropriate. These questions may help you decide whether games are right for you:

  1. Will using a game bring anything to the table? – Don’t use games for the sake of it. If the game adds nothing, or if other methods are superior, don’t use them. However, if the game teaches at the same level, go for it! It will have added value (spice up curriculum and engagement). Be wary of ‘games’ that are just quizzes with graphics and tagged on mini-games. Learning outcomes are paramount.
  2. What problems do I have that I need to address? – Think what problems you need to address rather than where you can use games. This could be curriculum based e.g. “I could do with a way of showing the inner workings of the human body, beyond two-dimensional diagrams”. Or non-curriculum based e.g. “I need to get students to work together to help reduce bullying”.
  3. ...

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