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At the Behavioural Leadership blog we write about the use of Transactional Analysis and Behavioural Economics in organisational development. And within that context, we discuss experiential learning and in particular learning simulations. Find us at http://www.behaviouralleadership.com/blog

The main Behavioural Leadership site can be found here. On the Behavioural Leadership site we have a page dedicated to experiential learning and learning simulations.


  • The Theory Bit - Consideration of games-ED from the perspective of (Situated) learning theory.
  • Pedagogy - games-ED learning games blended with tradition teaching (best of both worlds).
  • Plan > Do > Review - Three rounds are played using plan > do > review - the educator remains in control and learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Education Quotes
  • RETAIN Model - games-ED judged against the Relevance, Embedding, Transfer, Adaption, Immersion and Naturalisation (RETAIN) Model.
Primary Schools - Features, applications and benefits of games-ED in primary education.
Secondary Schools - Features, applications and benefits of games-ED in secondary education.
Further Education / Higher Education - Features, applications and benefits of games-ED in FE / HE.

Subjects - Curriculum uses of games-ED products
Resources and Contacts - Downloadable resources and opportunities to get in contact and involved in games based learning discussions.
  • Community Resources - In addition to information on games based learning, our educational resource pages provide access to an expanding resource base for educational professionals to use
  • Sustainaville demonstration - Interactive demonstration of a games-ED product.
  • Young People First demonstration - Interactive demonstration of a games-ED product.
  • The Climate Game - Interactive demonstration of a games-ED product.
  • games-ED Map - Google map of educational establishment that have used games-ED / pixelfountain games based learning.
  • News - games-ED and general games based learning news


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